Customized Name Necklace in Any language.



If one wants to express themselves in a unique way and make every day mean more, we suggest rocking a language necklace. Choose a language that grabs your attention, whether it is a country you have visited, where you have ancestral ties, or simply if the language speaks to you. Stand out from the crowd as you will be wearing a different piece that others may ask what the meaning behind it is. Choose a Greek name necklace, or wear your name in Spanish or even Chinese; whatever you desire!

 Each name necklace is designed with the font that best fits your personality. 14 k gold plated. Silver & rose gold available, please choose the length and font and include the name you want made. You also have the choice of adding a birthstone.

In the special instructions to seller box, please write the exact spelling of the name/s and any other details needed for your order. If you have further questions or need help please call or text 416-995-6131





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